Change of heart

I discovered I can’t draw cars. This was a shock to me. I was determined to design the next Renault4 but it wasn’t to be. All my Renault concepts looked like cartoon cars. So….I’ve changed my mind & I’ve taken on the Breil watch competition instead. Here are 3 of my concepts.

I’ll chose one of these to design further and submit it to the competition.



Building Bridges

Our latest Solidworks exercise was to design a popsicle stick bridge. We were to use Simulation to work out the stresses on the bridge. My design, according to the stress tests could carry 30kg. We tested them in class. Mine was going pretty well until we ran out of weights & Tara was asked to stand on it. It didn’t make that test!

Conform Side Table

My Conform side table has been selected for the showcase and competition for Vivid @ Furnitex11.

Renault 4 Ever

The new term has begun with a new selection of competitions to choose from. I’ve gone for the car design! It’s proving to be quite difficult.

 This is the little car we are to re-design. The Renault 4. I think it’s going to be a bit of fun & something different from what I’ve done before.

Turbine 151

Visit Turbine 151’s website and see what other Product Design students at Design Centre Enmore are up to.


I finally managed to get the mould tool to work in Solidworks. Now the Dome garden chair is finished & ready to submit next week for our first term assessment.

Here it is, stacked & stand alone. The Dome.

Moulded Plastic Garden Chair

We have been working on a design for a moulded plastic garden chair. The trick is it should be different from what is already on the market, be able to be stacked, be able to support 200kg & be formed with a 2 piece mould. Below is a fairly standard plastic chair and what its 2 piece mould smight look like.

Of course this is for your standard plastic chair. What I’m trying to design is something a little different.

It’s coming along in Solidworks but I’ve got a few issues to sort out yet. I’ll post the final design in a couple of weeks when it’s completed.